Monday, October 11, 2010

October Favorites part 2

One of my favorite things is something that I did not discover until I had children.

It has become one of my sweet little pleasures of life.

The nap cheek.

What is the nap cheek?

It is the sweet kissable cheek of your little who is freshly up from their nap (or up for the morning). It is the blushing pink of the cheeks that are still warm from being pressed into their little pillows. It is the cozy snugglies as you nuzzle their cheeks and neck when they run to you after awaking. It is those few moments of cuddle, when they are still waking up and let you kiss their little nap cheeks.

Those are my favorites.

Nap time is at a premium. No matter how long it lasts, pressing your cheek against their warm little face makes it everything right in the world.

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