Saturday, October 2, 2010

Welcome to the Bun Show

That's right. We have begun potty training!

Jack is a very verbal child and will let you know his feelings about everything. We have had a potty for 6 months. He refused to sit on it. Most of his little friends are potty trained now. He talks about them going in the potty. I ask him if he wants to go in the potty. He tells me no.

My attempt at potty training has been this.

Me: "Jack, do you want to go sit on the potty for a little bit?"
Jack:" Ummm.... No."
Me: " But don't you want to be a big boy and go potty in the big boy potty?"
Jack: " No. No potty."
Me: " Let's just go sit on the potty for a little bit. It will be fun! Don't you want to be big like Mommy and Daddy and go on the potty. It is so fun Jack."
Jack: " Ummm. No. No potty. Diapers. "

And so forth. No potty and gross diapers has been the rule.

Till we started the bun show.

After a diaper change I just left him free to the world, cute buns showing and all. With the little potty in sight and nothing stopping him... we started.

Day 1. He looked at me funny and ran to the potty. Didn't make it, but told me he spilled his apple juice. His sippy cup was no where in sight.

Day 2. Playing in his room, he got up and ran past the potty and into the kitchen to do his business. At least he knows it is coming now right?

Day 3. I had to work and was going to skip the diaper free time. He got in the shower while I was getting dressed, took off his diaper and told me he was showering. Cute...till he squatted down and peed. At least it was an easy clean up.

Day 4. Success!!! He got it. He went 4 times before we had to leave and put a diaper back on. We danced and sang and cheered and he was pumped to go potty again.

Day 5. No accidents, no spills...straight up potty time!

The key? The bun show. He has to have nothing on to go...otherwise he uses the diaper to his hearts content.

I am at a loss of what to do next. We have the pull ups now and will go from there. I wasn't really expecting him to do this so fast. Any words of advice? Boy moms~ how do you get them to go from sitting to standing? Scary.

So, while it is not complete, it is a start.

And if you get to see a bun show all day.... it is good thing they are stinkin' cute little buns!

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LB said...

hahaha! I love this story. Jack's becoming a big boy now :)