Thursday, October 14, 2010

October Favorites part 3

( Sept 2008) 
 This guy is my favorite. Ever.

(May 2010)

He is super smart. He works super hard at a not so fun or glamorous job. I can't wait to see where his brilliant, business-savvy mind will take us.

(Christmas 2006)

He is super funny. Really. He is one of the funniest person that I know. Even though I know most of his jokes, he is still the funniest. Guess that means true love, huh?

(July 2010)

He is the BEST father. The BEST. He comes home from work and spends the rest of the night playing with Jack, changing all the diapers, bathing the kids and putting Jack to bed. With out being asked. See. He is the BEST father. My boys are very lucky.

(June 2009)

He is my best friend. He has been since I was 17 years old. We dated on and off in college, but he still remained my best friend through it all. No matter what, good or bad, he was there for me. We talk about everything, just like we did when we were teenagers. Real life is not all roses and romance. It is hard work, uncontrolled circumstances and tiring. It is times like that when it is nice to lean on your best friend, who just happens to be the love of your life. It works out quite nicely.

 ( Oct 14, 2006)

This guy is my favorite, has been for a good solid ten years and will be for another good 60 or 70 years to come.

This guy is the man that I love, the man that I married, the father of my children, my best friend, my life support. This guy is my favorite.


Freedom River Ministries said...

Beautifully said and shown with pictures. Be blessed with another 60-70 years---you both have a heritage of long, good marriages.

Faith Marie said...

awwww! how sweet! Happy Anniversary, kids :)