Thursday, January 27, 2011

Awesome and Awkward Thursday

That's right.

It is that time again...time it join in the fun over at the Daybook.

It is Awesome and Awkward Thursday.


~ Seeing an older gentleman at Lowe's and not remembering how you know him. Does he work with you? Does he go to church with you? You keep seeing this guy in Lowe's....than you realize. He is one of the head doctors at your OB/GYN. The last time you saw him you were in stirrups. Now, you just saw him in Lowe's.
~ The fact that your toddler insists on wearing his underwear backwards, cause he can't see Buzz and Woody on his butt.
~The above mentioned scenario causes a little boy butt wedgie. He keeps playing.
~ Keep spelling awkward like awkard, than back spacing forever to fix it.
~ Having to turn up your itunes at work, in your office, so that you can no longer hear the person across the large room, in their office eating chips...and it doesn't work.
~ The way your baby starts grunting like a little piggie when he sees you walk by and he is hungry.
~ The way your baby starts giggling and laughing as you sit down to nurse. Cute, but especially awkward when people are around.


~ Husband had his birthday and now you are only 2 years older than him, not 3.
~ Husband's office accidentally bought him TWO cakes, so 1/3 of one of the cakes came home to me!
~ Harris Teeter cake.
~ Finding your old itunes on your new computer and listening to some oldies but goodies.
~ Having a dress arrive in the mail that you have been stalking for months and it is glorious!!
~ Having a playdate with a dear friend after cancelling the last 3 weeks due to sickness.
~ ADULT interaction! An afternoon talking to someone that is older than 2! Yay!
~ Mrs. B's giveaway. Look at this stuff. Go to her blog, follow her because she is awesome and enter to win!
~ Documenting our Day in January stay tuned for that real life mix of awesome and awkward!


I am the tall girl on the far right in the back. Husband is the short boy in the maroon in the front.


He grew. I didn't. We started dating when he was 16 and I was 18. Now we are married and have two boys. AND they are cute and look like their daddy.

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Mrs. B. said...

I love these posts. They're my favorite. So funny. :)
Your awkward misspelling cracks me up. Ha!
Glad I made the "awesome" list instead of the "awkward" because Lord knows I qualify for the latter more often than not! ;)

Tori Anne said...

awkward and awesome's are soo great!! that is so funny about your little boy and his undies, sounds like a typical little boy!

follow me {at}

can't wait for more awkward and awesome's!!

Alynne Leigh said...

I love your posts!
And I love that you're two years older than your hubby. (: Makes me feel better about wanting mister two years my junior. Just sayingg. :)