Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Day in January...

January 27,2011

Technically, Jan 27th start with me going to bed after 1am. I got up with Colin at 3am and again at 6am. He must be hitting a growth spurt since he was doing a solid 8 hrs at night. That extra feeding just about killed me.

Jack got up around 8:30am...thus starting the day.

Colin was up shortly after.

Jack was excited to play! We got 5 boxes from Michigan last night, full of our Christmas presents we couldn't fly back with. (some of the boxes were Ryan's childhood stuff)

I needed coffee. Real coffee. Fully-caffeinated coffee.

After nursing, it was play time for Colin as well.

My house looked like Christmas morning. I spent most of the morning cleaning, organizing and putting away.
Plus a few loads of laundry.

This is the first attempt to put Colin down for a nap.
30 minutes later.

So we played some more...

Jack was very happy to be reunited with Rex again.

We had a very rare surprise when Hubs came home for lunch. I took full advantage and started making my very first pie. Pumpkin pie. It is Ryan's favorite and I was going to attempt it for our home groups that night.

There was time for a quick game of hide and seek with Daddy. Jack hid upstairs!

Good-bye kisses from Daddy.

It was time for Jack's nap after lunch. We read books and Colin nursed. I have gotten pretty good at putting Jack down while nursing Colin.

Colin did end up falling asleep on me for a good 30 minutes.Of course the second I moved, he woke right up.

Wide-eyed and bushy tailed.


Good thing he is a cute naughty baby.

The results of my first pie.
I used my Great Grandma's famous recipe.
The instructions were : Bake at 400 till starting to cook; than turn down to 350 till done.
That is it. No other instructions. Nothing.

(side note: Ryan said it was the best pumpkin pie he has ever had. Thanks Grandma!)

Once Jack was up from his nap, it was time to get ready and head out the door for a play date with some friends. Of course, a little crib wrestling had to take place first.

I bought my camera and was excited to take pictures of the kids playing. Jack and Gracie have had play dates since they were 2 months old and I wanted to new updated picture of the kids. I failed. I had not seen my friend since early December and with catching up and chasing 4 kids, I forgot to even pull it out!
So imagine two cute girls and two cute boys playing.

After our quick little play date we headed out to meet Ryan for dinner before our home groups.
I love you.
Thank you for being so good, semi-nutritious and letting us feed our toddler healthy rice and beans for $2.

Here is the second fail of the day. I forgot to take pictures at life group. Oops. We were there, we prayed and fellowshipped. We ate pumpkin pie.

It is always late when we leave home groups. After putting Jack down, than nursing and putting Colin down, it was time to finally go to bed ourselves. It was a miracle that we got to bed before midnight. I was so pumped. It was good day, but I was more than ready for some sleep.

And that was our day in January.

What do your days look like?

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