Thursday, February 3, 2011

Mr. Half Year

Colin is 6 months. Ridiculous. How in the world can he be that old?

He is a little man, weighing in at 13lbs, 15oz, in the 3rd percentile. I am surprised, as he is a rolly polly guy...but no matter. He is super healthy and active and the doctors are not concerned.

He is still a big fan of nursing and not such a fan of solids...but we are working on that.

The doctor did say that Colin will probably be walking around 9 months.


The kid is crazy enough now!

He is scoot/inchworm crawling everywhere now. He is pretty good at sitting...if he is willing to sit still...which he usually won't.

He is a naughty baby. Naughty, naughty.

He doesn't nap. He hates his crib. He wants to be in the middle of everything.
He has taken to yelling for me if I go out of his sight.

Dr. Jekyll, Mr. Hyde baby.

The picture is what happened when I wouldn't let him grab the camera lens. Mean mommy, I know.

Good thing he is so stinking cute and happy for the rest of the time.

A good thing.


Crystal Leigh said...

mr.1/2 year is very cute, even if he does cry and make really loud noises when mommys on the phone with auntie crystal (and it kills her ears)

Kristina said...

Aawww...Mr. Half year is just so cute and adorable. I miss this baby stage so much.
Kristina J.