Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Love List

In the spirit of all things lovey and dovey and mushy this Valentine's day weekend, I thought I would dust off my ol' interviewing skills and talk to the boys in the house to see what they are loving.

We love each others lots, we love our church and we love our Lord and Saviour. That is a for sure on the list.

Here are a few other things we are loving this V-day weekend.

1. Discount books
2. Thai food
3. NYC
4. Cool mornings with hot black coffee
5. Cool ranch doritos

1. Caribou coffee
2. Anthropologie
3. New nail polish
4.Nap time
5.Packages in the mail

1. Thomas the Train and friends.
2.Fireman Sam
3. Dinosaurs
4.Fruit Snacks
5.Dt. Coke  (No, we don't let him drink Dt. Coke, but he will sneak any drinks he can, as often as he can.The boy is obsessed. If he sees you drinking it, he will try to get you to give him a drink...or the whole can)

1. Being naked.
2. Taking brother's toys
3. Nursing.
5. Looking at himself in the mirror

What are you loving these days? Anything fun or exciting?

We are going to enjoy the gorgeous 60 degree, sunny weather and than maybe grabs some Valentine's day goodies for the boys.

Happy Saturday!

1 comment:

Crystal Leigh said...

I love that my most recent gift to you made it on the list: twice!!
I LOVE MARIN. i love that I'm getting married this year. I love living rent free. I love that it was above zero today (and maybe for the rest of the week and until spring comes). I LOVE my wedding dress. I love snugglin. I love earning interest. I love a good laugh. I love funny movies. and I really really LOVE Jesus Christ. He's the man. oh, and I LOVE dark chocolate.