Thursday, February 10, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursdays

It is Awesome and Awkward Thursday.

My life is pretty much always awesome/awkward/disgusting.

I live with 3 boys.

That should probably just sum it up right there.

But, with out further ado...


~ When dropping my boys off at the sitter's for the afternoon, I am telling her Colin's feeding schedule when I am interrupted by my toddler. Standing in the hallway. With his pants and underwear down at his ankles.

~  Thinking I was a savvy shopper by buying a Toy Story lap desk thingy from Target for $3. Perfect cheap potty gift for my TS-loving, potty training 2 1/2 yr old. The awkward part? He opened it and started crying and crying... cause he couldn't take Buzz and Woody off the tray... or open the stuffed lap part. SO, maybe a cute little lap desk thingy is NOT a good gift for a toddler...probably should have thought about that BEFORE he burst into tears.

~  Looking over at the baby and realizing that it looks like he is wearing a 3/4 length sleeve, but it is suppose to be a full, long sleeve tee. Time to pull out the next size up, I suppose.

~ The 3/4 length sleeve tee is his 4th outfit before noon...due to various size blowouts and leakages.

~  Leaving my boys with the Hubs for one evening. That two hours away cost me a completely trashed house, a high chair tray covered with pears and a baby with left-over pears crusted on his eye lid.

~ Realizing the you read way too many fashion blogs because you just thought of your outfit for work as a OOTD. You are not a fashion blogger, and you only get dressed like 4 days out of the week, including the one afternoon a week you go into the office.


~ Snow! 4 inches on the ground to play in and a 60 degree weekend ahead.

~Writing love notes to your Hubby on the shower wall with foam bath letters.

~Spreading your obsession of Anthropologie onto your unsuspecting children.

~ Scoring a boys Anthropologie sweater for $9.95....with free shipping...and no sales tax.

~Having two boys two years apart exactly. That is like a two for one on all clothing.

~ Having chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream in the freezer. That baby is coming out to play for Valentine's day.

~ Having one of your best friends send you Caribou's Mocha Java coffee in the mail. It is the best coffee ever and the closest Caribou is hours away.


My cat. Most awkward cat ever.


Colin loves sweet potatoes!! Finally, a solid food he will eat!

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Andrea said...

I look forward to this day on your blog! Keeps me laughing & smiling!

Crystal Leigh said...

i'm happy i'm a part of your awesome blog! i also love the 4 blowouts and hearing the crazy things your boys do!
pass your anthropologie love onto me (you can buy me whatever you want from there)!