Thursday, February 24, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday!

Today is Awkward and Awesome Thursday. I wish I could remember all the awesome things that are said to me on a daily basis by my son. It would be epic... but alas, I laugh, I tell Ryan and than I forget. Awkward and Awesome Thursday would be SO much better...

~ Leaving the room for 45 seconds, hearing your 6 month old scream, come back into the room to find your toddler standing over the baby with a pen. " Mommy, look. I wrote on Colin's head. Right here" Baby has pen all over forehead.
~ Having to google the correct spelling for Justin Bieber's last name for this post. Maybe if my kids were 12, I would know how to spell his name. Maybe not.
~ Jack wanting to wear both pairs of his new t-rex underwear AT THE SAME TIME. And he did.
~ The fact that no matter where we are, or what he is doing, if Jack needs to use the bathroom he drops his pants to his ankles and waddles to the nearest potty. Every time.
~ Ordering 4 boxes of girl scout cookies  (never order cookies when are you at work and have not had lunch) and than hiding two of the boxes in your purse, so that, ya know, you don't look like a huge porker carrying 4 boxes out of the office building.
~ Needing to buy new foundation, oh like 2 months ago, and still squeezing a few drops out every day. It is quite terrifying. Will this be the day that it is actually out and I will have no make-up on? Will it last till the weekend when I can go get more? It is a lot of pressure. And awkward...for those that happen to be there for the no make-up day.

~ Baby wipes that can take off pen from baby's forehead.
~ Having one of your best girlfriends in town for two whole delicious weeks. It has been a full year since you have seen her and a year and half since you have seen her little girl.
~ Hanging out with said friend and having it feel like a few days had passed, not a whole year.
~ Girl Scout cookies, preferably the tag-a-longs.
~ Having a girls only sushi date on Friday and than having a hubby date to see said friend's hubby's show on Sunday night. We even have a sitter. This weekend we actually have a social life, people!!
~ Getting sick of my post-baby hair, buying a box dye, and actually liking the results!
~ Meredith from Yours,Mine and Ours. She is legit blogger who emails her that.
~ Baby has his front two teeth coming down. Too big, I tell ya, he is getting too big!
~ My husband. He is awesome.

SO... what happened in your week that is either awkward, awesome or both?

As always, this little series was inspired by the Daybook.

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