Tuesday, October 18, 2011

30 Things

I turn 30 today. I have so many things to be thankful for. More than can be named. So here are just 30 things that I am thankful for on this birthday.

1. Ryan. My love, my best friend, my life.

2. Jack. My sweet little negotiator,who is quick with a kiss and smart as a whip.

3. Colin. My vivacious little bundle of energy, who keeps me laughing and moving all day long.

4. My house. To be in our own home that we own and be more than comfortable is a huge blessing.

5. Our cars. They are payed off and ours and I am so thankful for that.

6. Our church. I grow to love it more each week and am so thankful to be apart of New Life Providence at Deep Creek. It is our home away from home.

7. Our friends here in Virginia. We love you and our growing and deepening relationships.

8. Our friends afar. We love you and miss your friendship, but are thankful that we can maintain it at such distances.

9. CBN. For the ability to work in my field, doing work that I love and making an impact all over the world.

10. Coffee. My one cup a day has grown to two.

11. Cupcakes. Semi-portioned sized pieces of cake and frosting. Love.

12. Thai food. If only I could eat Thai multiple times a week. If only...

13. Anthropologie. For giving me a dose of whimsy and femininity in my world filled with testosterone...and usually at killer sale prices.

14. Online bloggie friends. Who knew you could find and befriend people though the interwebs? It makes sitting at home alone with the boys not so lonely.

15. Pei Wei. Please come to Hampton Roads and bring your delicious Dan Dan with you.

16. Minneapolis. I love that city and wish I could visit it more often.

17. Nashville. Always will have a special place in my heart. Trying to sneak a work trip back...

18. The Muskegon River. It wraps around many of the houses that I love and invites beautiful scenery field trips.

19. Family. If only the distance was not so great. The older I get, the closer I want to be near my family.

20. My In-Laws. Cause they gave me my amazing husband.

21. Stretch Marks. While I do not love you, I have grown to accept you...since you symbolize my beautiful boys.

22. Travel. The never ending wanderlust. Oh the places I will go...

23. Uganda, Africa. For stealing a piece of my heart and never giving it back.

24. Natural Childbirth Classes. I came to understand my body and the way it was created to form and protect the miracle of life. And it gave me a greater appreciation for the medical advances that we have now.

25. Online shopping. Two small boys = less shopping time. Thanks to ebates, shopping codes and the like, I usually do better online. Plus, what is better than getting a package in the mail?

26. Airports. Terminals filled with locations that are accessible by merely stepping off of it's causeway. Fascinating and exciting.

27. Magazines. For filling my fashion lusting and giving me quick escapes in a few simple page turns.

28. Smart Phones. For now I can work, email and read Pride and Prejudice all on my phone. Very smart indeed.

29. My camera. For allowing me to capture little images of time and hold it captive.

30. My Jesus. For making my life worth living, giving it meaning and a purpose. And for loving me, even though I never, ever will deserve it.

I am blessed beyond measure. Here is to another 30 magnificent, magical years!


modernmom said...

I love your list! A ton of them echo what I would put. :)
I hope your birthday is perfect! (And I hope I am one of the bloggy friends you were happy to meet, b/c I feel that way about you.)

Andrea @ The Worley House said...

Happy Birthday!!! This is a great list!!! Hope you have a wonderful and blessed day today!!

Ashley said...

What a beautiful list. :) Made me smile.
Happy birthday!

Sayaka said...

Happy Birthday Alicia!! I hope the boys spoiled you, because you deserve it!! By the way you don't look anything like 30, but welcome to the 30's club!!

Jamie Willow said...

Happy Birthday a couple days late :) so much to be thankful for :)