Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Toddler Tuesday

It started with the little one draping his chubby little hand over his brother's shoulders. Than he started patting his brother's neck.

"That feels nice, Colin. Here. Let me rub your back, too."

It lasted roughly ten seconds.

Ten sweet quiet seconds while they rubbed each other's back and watched their favorite tank engine.

Than, one of them moved, and the little moment was gone.

But what beautiful 10 seconds it was to watch.

My boys.

They will always have each other.


Sayaka said...

awww....SO cute. Your posts are always so heart warming. The boys are so lucky to have such a beautiful mommy!!

Carol said...

Oh, isn't it fantastic? Today, I happened to glance over my shoulder at the kids, in the car. Kate and Rowan were holding hands, and I realized that Kate was singing to herself about it. So. Much. Love.