Thursday, February 23, 2012

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

It's been awhile since we have done a good A and A session here. So, I thought it was about time. No need for loads of words today. Let's just get right to it.

- Wearing mustard tights and having everyone stare at your legs. Seriously, people. They are colored tights. I could have added a second head and I doubt I would have gotten any more looks. Apparently Va. Beach is not prepared for mustard colored tights. (I, however, liked the look;)

-My 3 year getting so upset that my legs had turned yellow that he started crying. Point taken. No more mustard tights.

- While trying on a work-appropriate pencil skirt at a more adolescent clothing store, I overheard some girls moaning in disgust, "This dress is like something a 30 year old would wear. Yuck." I kinda wanted to go out and see if I would, in fact, wear that dress.  But it was weird to hear someone so grossed out by something a 30 year old would wear...

- Being told that I look just like Samantha from Bewitched, and than told to wiggle my nose...multiple times.

-Colin's knowledge of the red alarm button on my keys. Our poor neighbors probably wonder why our car alarm goes off randomly throughout the day.

- Daffodils. In February.

-It's 74 degrees today. The boys played outside in a t-shirts and it was glorious.

- After all the crazies took all the Jason Wu for Target stuff, I didn't think I would ever see this guy. But I found him tucked into a corner of a shelf. Thank you Christmas gift cards!

- We have a little road trip planned for Saturday and I am very, very excited about it. Some shopping, some family time and just getting away for the day.  Definitely looking forward to our weekend.

-I am going to be an Auntie! My sister is expecting her first baby and I am very much looking forward to snuggling a new little one.

- Shamrock shakes are back. Early. PTL.

The best, most awesome part of today?

This guy. 

It's been a long two months. 

Welcome home, Mr. Dishwasher. I will try to protect you from my 18 month old better that the last guy in your place.

What is awesome or awkward that is going on in your life?


Sayaka said...

I love your A & A series Alicia!! I cracked up about the mustard tights....don't worry though I love mustard tights too and sooner or later the people in your town are going to be love them least I hope!! And congrats on your new dishwasher (it's so shiny and pretty) and your sisters pregnancy!! Hooray!!

Lisa - respect the shoes said...

I'm laughing about the mustard tights, because I felt the same way when I wore red ones a few weeks back! Some people look at you like you're batty - I don't get it!