Thursday, March 1, 2012

Real Life: The Orginal Awkward and Awesome.


Life has been awkward lately. Real awkward. We are in a weird space right now. Change is possibly on the horizon. Big changes.

Or things can remain the exact same.

Big changes. Exactly the same. Those are two options that we have.

Change is good. The same is good.

Right now, we are in the awkward middle place called the unknown.

Unknown is driving me a bit batty.

So my mind is consumed with swirling "What ifs" at the moment.

I have no more brain power to blog anything remotely witty or interesting. Ten lines of "What If" interests no one, including myself.

But before I turn into that crazy lady with the one eye twitch, I am trying to remember that no matter what happens, life is still pretty awesome.

Someone got his first pair of light up shoes!

We took a wonderful family shopping trip to Richmond!

And regardless, these guys are mine whether things change or remain the exact same.


And that is awesome.


Sayaka said...

I hope everything is ok Alicia. I agree that change for the good is good. Sending good thoughts your way!!

Carol said...

Oooh, I hate that uncertain-waiting-to-find-out-what's-next place. I feel like I spend WAY too much time there, personally. Hoping that your questions are answered soon. (And oh, what would we do without our families to ground us?)