Thursday, March 22, 2012

Awkward and Awesome Thursday.


- It was 80 degrees the first day of Spring. What's the problem? That means here in VA it will be hot for the next EIGHT solid months. That is a lot of hot. I like my cool.

- My husband is obsessed with plastic storage bins. It is out of control. He keeps buying more and more. He needs an intervention. When you get text messages about going to Target to look at their organization section, you know there is a problem.

 - While driving to work, Jack tells me that he and his little buddies were talking naughty together the night before. I asked him what they said. "We just said....chicken each other over and over."

- Walking in heels after doing a kickboxing bootcamp dvd...and trying to look more like a professional and less like a penguin.

-Colin's obsession of lifting up my shirt and blowing raspberries on my matter where we are...

-Having an entire weekend ruined by pink eye and a bad arm infection. Cabin fever was in effect.

- Colin finding a puddle with 1/4inch worth of water...and managing to get soaked from head to toe...


- Wearing a new dress. It's the best dress.

- Jack telling me that I am his favorite mom in the whole world.

- The damp metallic smell of a television studio.

- Boy moms having a GIRL baby! So excited to shop for a new little lady.

-The flowering trees of Virginia. They may leave a ridiculous amount of pollen, but they are oh, so pretty!

 -Chubby little hands that grab mine and lead me to the floor just to play.

- Jack telling me that he needs just one more hug and kiss...and to make them nice, big ones.

- Mint Chocolate cupcake recipe...I sure hope they turn out!

We are one man down this weekend, so just trying to stay sane and keep those boys busy. Hope everyone is gearing up for a great weekend!

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Sayaka said...

I have an obsession with plastic I kinda know how your husband feels :) Your boys are so so sweet. And I hope I can see your new dress...I love wearing new dresses. PS: I hope everyone is feeling better!