Friday, March 9, 2012

Frivolous Friday

  Babe in a box. Frivolity for your Friday

10 Frivolous Facts for your Friday

1. The best way to wake Colin up is to pour a cup of freshly grounded, freshly brewed coffee. The second that last drop fills the cup, Colin is up and yelling for me. It's his gift.

2.  I wear bright red lipstick during the day. It goes nicely with my messy bun and sweatpants. However, I do feel more prepared in case someone shows up unexpected with it on. No make-up? Baggy sweatpants? Messy house and hair? No problem. I have red lipstick on.

3. We are recovering and repainting and varnishing our dining room chairs. This has been going on for the last 3 weeks. Let's pray it is finished this weekend!

4. I am re-reading the Anne of Green Gables series. Still love it.

5. We are still waiting to hear some news. At this point, it is fairly certain that we are just staying put here...but it is super annoying to still have to wait for the 100% assurance.

6. I like that it is cool and raining. I am not ready for a blazing hot summer just yet.

7. I have a gym buddy now. I have now doubled my gym attendance. So that means I have gone twice in one week, two weeks in a row! Now, let's hope my weight/inches loss is going to double!

8. I would prefer to kiss and cuddle my boys on the couch all day today. They prefer to wrestle.

9. I washed not one, but two pull-ups today. Have you ever seen an exploded diaper? Yep. That was a fun treat.

10. I am just so glad it is Friday. I am ready for the weekend. I am ready to have my Husband home.

Happy Weekend, everyone!


Sayaka said...

Happy Friday Alicia!! That is so funny that Colin wakes up to the smell of coffee?! Wow he's got good taste :) I love Anne of Green Gables too!!

Lisa - respect the shoes said...

Number 2 - pure awesomeness!