Monday, June 18, 2012


"POTTY TALK!!!" yells Colin at the very top of his lungs.

With one eyebrow raised and the other dropped in a condescending look, the oldest brother chastises the younger one. "No potty talk, Colin." says the pseudo-mother.


" No potty talk."


"NO potty talk!"

"Potty talk."

" COLIN. NO MORE POTTY TALK!" yells the exasperated older brother.

In a hushed whispered tone, the little one burrows his brows and proclaims.
 "Potty talk. Pooh-pooh. Pee Pee. Potty talk."

 And than Colin walks away, grinning.

~ And that is a 30 second window into my daily life with two little boys.~

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Amy Shaughnessy said...

I recognized Towmater and LM right away. My 3 year old is playing with his Cars toys in front of me as I type this...


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