Sunday, June 17, 2012

Good Man

I married a good man. He loves his kids. He loves his wife. He loves his family and friends. He loves his Jesus.

If Ryan is home, he is with the boys. Playing, wrestling, reading, Hulk-smashing, swinging and throwing the boys. He may work more hours that he would like, but when he is home, he is connected to them. They count the minutes till Daddy is home. Little feet pound to the back door, as soon as the twisting lock is heard. Giggles and delight, because that sound means that Daddy is home.

Reactions like that, and a million other reasons, is why Ryan is just the best Daddy and why we are so lucky to have him as our own. Happy Father's day, Ryan. We all love you so very much!

And Happy Father's day to my own dad. Thanks for showing me what a good man is, so that I could find my very own. Love you, Dad!

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Awesome awesome awesome post!