Tuesday, August 21, 2012

"Is there salt in this?"

While I have lived in 5 different states in my life, the majority of my childhood was spent on the west side of Michigan. Pretty, rolling farm lands. Woods, rivers and lakes abound. My parent's live "in town" and that town is around 600 people. My husband's parents and my grandparents live on the banks of a pretty river. While population and shopping amenities may be lacking, when it come to outdoor beauty, it is not. The last ten years of my life I have lived in higher populated areas, such as the Twin Cities of Minnesota and the Hampton Roads area of Virginia. I always enjoy coming back to some country when we visit.

My boys were both born in Norfolk, VA. They live in an area considered "out there" or "country", since it is not in the heart of Virginia Beach or Norfolk. I would NEVER consider where we live "city" ( I do not consider any part of Hampton Roads "city". It is over-populated strip malls, not city)  Bu it is a nice little area with room to have a nice, big backyard and the boys can ride there bikes on our cul-de-sac with out fear of being plowed over.

So, when my mom and I decided to take the boys swimming at a small, local lake, confusion ensued.

We drove on back country roads to get there.

Jack kept pointing out all of the farming fields. He was so excited to see them...till he saw 15-20 in a row. Than he started asking why there was so many farms and fields everywhere.

Than we got to the little lake. We told him we were going to go to a beach and swim.

He was not impressed.

He wanted to know where the waves were.

He wanted to know why there was sand by a lake.

He waded into the warm, clear water and eyed the swans swimming 50 yards away.

The lake was a very shallow, allowing him to walk out 15-20 feet before he was at his waist.

Kids were laughing and splashing around him.

He swished his hands throughout the water, looked up at me and asked, "Is there salt in this water?!"

 It blew his 4 year old mind that he could swim in water that was not a pool and was not the ocean.

Apparently, he really is a true ocean beach baby.

Colin, however, just wanted to climb up on rocks.

It was a fun day at the lake with my handsome little men, even if they are more of an ocean baby than I thought!

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Sayaka said...

I'm so jealous that you and your boys get to experience all that beautiful nature!! You look so cute with your boys and I love that Jack was so curious about the nature around him...what a smart little boy!! As much as I love CA, houses in the bay area are like shoe boxes.