Tuesday, August 28, 2012


 Colin's idea of re-organizing my cupboards

I have been short on patience this week.

Real short.

I have been over tired for most the week, and there is a direct correlation between my tiredness and my patience level. Higher energy, higher patience, lower energy, lower patience.

I wish it was not the case.

I wish that I would not get frustrated so easily.

When the boys are extra "busy" and active, I need to be calm and firm with them, not annoyed and firm.  It is not the best combination.

Anyone else struggle with keeping it all together, when running on empty?

Any advice on how to combat this?

I should probably just sing the " Have Patience" song to myself...

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Sayaka said...

awww Alicia don't be too hard on yourself. I know exactly what you mean. Especially when you have little ones around, it's hard to stay calm and collected all the time. When I'm feeling super irritable I try to step away, go to the gym to take a class etc. I hope this long weekend gives you some time to relax and just have fun! You so deserve it! And Colin looks too cute cleaning out your Tupperware (sorry that you had to clean that out though)