Friday, April 18, 2014

Friday Favorites: Easter!

Some of my favorites on this Good Friday:

Spending the day at the Detroit Zoo with my little family. We were given a membership for Christmas and this was the first nice weekend to go check it out. The boys are already plotting what we will do the next time!

Capturing a sweet moment when Daddy rocked his girl (and himself) to sleep.

Colin pulling a Joey and putting on 5 different shirts..and wearing them for the remainder of the afternoon.

A contemplative baby bunny with her little baby bunny.

And, of course, Good Friday.
There is something so powerful about it. The pain, the great suffering, the injustice and the betrayal that lead to death..and yet. And yet, it leads us to the Resurrection!
The heaviness of the Cross and the debt that was paid for me is a constant thought with me today, but those thoughts are always followed with a profound anticipation. Anticipation for what is to come. Anticipation for Easter morning.
I can hardly wait!

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