Friday, April 11, 2014

The Great Discovery

Colin has recently discovered the greatest word.

It has opened his eyes.

He is enthralled with the word.

It fascinates him.

What is this wondrous word, this great discovery in the vocabulary of a 3 year old?

Butt cheeks.

Technically it is two words.

But, to a 3 year old, it is the greatest of words.

It came out innocently. In a bathroom/wiping situation, Ryan casually said the words "butt cheeks" and Colin died laughing.

He than came running out to me, dropped his little Lighting McQueen undies, turned around and asked me with much excitement, "Mom! Do you know what these are called?" pointing to his little bum. "These are called...BUTT CHEEKS!! Like cheeks on your face but they are on your butt!!!!"

His little mind was blown.

Now, he will tell me how much he loves butt cheeks.

"Mom. Did you know that everyone has cheek butts...I mean, butt cheeks? Macy has butt cheeks, Jack has butt cheeks, Daddy has butt cheeks, even YOU have butt cheeks."

"Mom, I love butt cheeks more than candy."

"Mom.These are called butt cheeks and I love them."

The world is a wonderful place with funny words to discover when you are 3 years old.

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