Tuesday, April 8, 2014

It seems like yesterday...

Yesterday I was changing Macy in her room and Jack asked about a picture that I have on her bookshelf. He wanted to know how old it was. It was one of our engagement photos and it made me stop and think. 

What day is it?


Tomorrow is April 8th.

I got engaged on April 8th, 8 years ago.

 Stillwater, MN. April 8th, 2006.

I kissed my husband for the first time 14 years ago.

Holy crap.

That is a really long time ago. We are getting so old. (Good thing he has the gray hair to prove it.)

It is funny how it seems like yesterday, yet so very long ago. We both have changed so much, endured love and loss, fought, came back together, moved, worked and laughed together. We created 3 beautiful children together.

I am glad I let you kiss me 14 years ago today.

I would say "Yes!" to you again, 8 years later.

Thanks for walking with my through this life, my love.

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