Friday, December 12, 2008

Happy Hour

Jack has his own version of Happy Hour. It is between 9:30 and 10:30 p.m. That is the magic hour for my little man. Every single thing that happens during this time frame is funny to him. Everything. He laughs at his toes, at anything i say to him, at anything i say to Ryan. He laughs when Oscar walks by him. I am not talking about cute baby coos, little giggles, or sweet smiles. He does those as well, but i am talking about rumbling deep belly laughs. He laughs so hard he gets hiccups and his face turns red.

Last night Ryan was holding him and i patted Jack on the butt and told him it was time for bed. He started laughing. I patted Ryan on the butt and told him that he too needed to go to bed. Jack laughed so hard that he started to get tears in his eyes! Really, it was not funny. It was normal talking. But to Jack, it was the funniest thing ever. That is happy hour for you.

He is so smiley and funny during this hour that it erases any thing negative that could have happened that day. I love his happy hour. His little laugh is so darn funny and cute, that we end up laughing as well. It is my favorite time of the whole day. But be warned, 10:34 he will start instantly fussing, ready to eat and go to sleep. If you don't move quickly, it will be a full on scream.
But even so, you will still be so charmed from the last hour, that it won't even faze you.

What is your happy hour?


Mrs. B. said...

Oh...that sounds so cute!! :) My happy hour is right after the kids go to sleep. (I live for 7:30 pm!!)

Crystal Leigh said...

I won't believe this cute, crazy, deep laugh until I see a VIDEO of it!! Come on Mrs. Producer! Auntie Crystal has been asking for one since he was born!! :)