Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Jack and i are home alone. Ryan is off to a leadership retreat in D.C for work. He will be gone till Thursday, so it is just the cat, the little man and me for a few days. I used to have all sorts of plans for when Ryan was gone. Things that he didnt really like to do, shopping, movies, girl nights, all that fun stuff. This time, i have a 5 month old baby, so that puts a hamper on things. I just can't run out for a bit of shopping without proper planning, feeding, changing and dressing of the babe. But i have plans. I am going to try to do some christmas decorating, and some cleaning. Maybe just maybe we will get out to do some Christmas shopping for Ryan. We are hopefully going to have a playdate with our friends Tiffany and Gracie. I am going to try to stay busy and not notice how much i miss Ryan...

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