Monday, December 29, 2008

The Vacay

I have been home for a little over a week and just found time to run to the local, super cute coffee shop and use the wifi. I need to get some work done, but decided to do a little blogging first. Life has been full of adventure this Christmas.

To start our vacation out with a bang, we didn't have our luggage for 2 whole days. That means that we did not have our winter coats, Jack's car seat base, any baby supplies, winter clothes or our Christmas presents. We were able to buy a sleeper and an outfit for Jack, some basic supplies for us, and borrow the winter apparel. I have never been so excited to see my own stuff as i was when those suitcases arrived!

Jack has been the star of the show and has charmed every single person within eye reach. He has been absolutely WONDERFUL this whole trip. Everyone has commented on how great he is how and happy he is. The little guy even cut another tooth and had his first one emerge even farther. For not being on his schedule, he has been a saint. He is also rolling everywhere. We can no longer leave him playing on the floor for even a second. He is growing and developing in leaps and bonds and getting way to big! Sometime i just miss cuddling my little baby. Jack cuddles when he sleeps and that is it. Otherwise, he has way to many things to explore than to take time to cuddle mom.

Christmas was especially good to me this year. Correction. My husband was especially wonderful to me this year. I got my dream present that i never thought i would get. A Canon digital EOS Rebel XS and a 75-300mm lense as well!!!!!!! I was BEYOND excited. It was probably the greatest gift ever. If i had not had a sleeping baby on my lap when i opened it, i am sure i would have screamed and done a little dance when that was opened. I can not wait to start playing and learning how to use it. I am not slightly intimidated with it, but looking forward to learning everything.

We just got back from a little trip to Chicago. It was so so wonderful to be back in a city again. My sister, brother -in- law joined us and we spent a night in the windy city and shopped the Magnificent Mile. It was lots of fun, even if it was rainy and cold.

I have lots of pictures to post, especially ones from the new camera, but i have not had a chance to even download a single one.
I hope that everyone had a blessed christmas and that God will continue to work in your life in this new year.


Mrs. B. said...

Have FUN w/ your camera. What a fabulous gift!!!! :)

Andrea said...

yeah!!! for the new camera! you're going to love it. i have the same one, let me know if you need any help!! :)