Sunday, January 4, 2009


With 2009 barely begun, i am sitting on my couch thinking about what resolutions/goals i would like to accomplish. My boys are all taking a nap on my bed, so i have some free time to myself, which is rare.
My goals would be:

To get back to my pre-baby body. Wait. To get back to an even better than pre-baby body.
To keep my house cleaner and not let work and the babe keeps me too distracted.
To spend the right amount of time on work and the right amount of time with Jack.
To help support Ryan with the completion of his MBA.
To maintain and grow my friendships
To have a deeper walk with Christ
To learn and conquer my dslr and create beautiful captures of time with it.
To potty train my boy. 18 month olds can be potty trained right?

Some exciting things to look forward to this year:
Jack turns 1 in July!
Ryan turns 25 in January (yes, he is a young one...)
I turn 28 in October (yes, i am an old one...)
We will have been married 3 years in October
Ryan gets his MBA in December
and lots more!

Happy 2009! I wonder what we have in store this year...

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Kurt and Abbey said...

Your amazing sister will grow more amazing.