Thursday, January 8, 2009

One of those mornings...

were everything seems to happen at once. Jack has not been sleeping well at night. He has been on a 11pm bedtime, wake up at 6am for a feeding and than back to bed till 10ish for awhile now. He would wake up crying once in a great while, but would fuss for 10 minutes and fall back to sleep. He stayed on the same schedule while we were at my parents house for 2 weeks. Since were returned, he has been waking up at 1:30 crying, 3am crying, 6am eating and than sleeps till 10ish. Not so fun, for either mom or baby. It is hard to let your child cry, and it is hard to have your sleep constantly interrupted. Last night was no exception.
He went down at 10:30pm, woke up screaming at 11pm. What?! Got him back to sleep 30 minutes later. 1:40- 2:40 was intermittent screaming and sleeping. Ryan would get up, rub his back, he would fall asleep, and than wake up screaming 10 mins later. This continued for an hour or so. 5:30 am i fed him and thought he would be down till 10 at least. Wrong. 8am, screamfest. Weird. He NEVER does that. He likes to sleep in the morning, nothing wakes him. I pulled him into bed with me hoping to get him back to sleep for at least another hour. Screamed. Decided to nurse him, hoping to get him to nod off. ( i know, i know, by 8am i should be ready for the day, but it was a LONG night) I nursed him, and he peed. All over my bed. Through the sheets AND mattress pad. Wonderful.
So, up we get. He gets changed from his wet sleeper. I strip the bed and put it in the wash. Send out a few work emails and make oatmeal. I lay Jack down on his playmat and he is happy as can be, talking away as if he had slept for hours straight. Now remember, i can't have coffee at this time. I can have oatmeal with bananas and water, thanks to my detox. Man, i really would like a cup of coffee. Laundry before 9am is a sin.
My happy cute boy decided that one outfit was not enough for him. He decided to poop out his diaper and get it all over his new outfit. Wonderful. I think it is time for a bigger size diapers...too many messes for my taste and all much much to early in the morning.
Is it nap time yet?

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Crystal Leigh said...

after reading this may be right. I should enjoy my singleness and good nights of sleep!! hope the detox does you well!