Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Confession of a new mom

I have been a mom for almost 7 months, not counting the pregnancy. Life has changed DRAMATICALLY and i am still trying to figure this whole "mom" thing out.
I don't claim to know much as a mom, but this is what i do know.

My schedule is not "mine" but Jack's. He wins. Every time. I want to go shopping, he needs to take a nap. He wins. Naptime.

My body will never be the same...nothing you think before pregnancy will prepare you for that.

Breastfeeding, in my case, does not equal becoming super skinny due to all those calories burned...if only...

Baby gets cute clothes first. They look better on him anyway.

Make-up is not a daily occurrence. Poor Ryan.

Love grows more each day and that baby grows cuter each day.

That baby grows much much to fast. Can't he just stay little and cuddly for a little while longer? Must he ALWAYS need to reach and touch and feel?

Alone time can be more precious than gold and a long hot shower the most amazing gift.

Working from home is really hard work. A blessing, but hard non the less.

Sick babies = sick mommies=crabby mommies. Poor daddy.

Who knew feeding solids could be so frustrating at times and so dirty? I didn't.

Silly faces, noises and dancing are part of a daily routine that gets amazing laughs, but would cause utter embarrassment if witnessed in public.

Those noises would be used in public to calm a fussy baby. Who cares, really?

Life is so much more fulfilling when it is not about you.

Sushi lunch dates with your favorite girlfriends are on of life's great pleasures.

Play dates are therapeutic, for you, not the baby.

Your whole house gets taken over by blankets, books, toys, chairs,walkers, random socks and anything else baby has discarded for the moment.

Naptime= happy mommy. No nap= crabby mommy

Sleep is beautiful.

No matter what he has done during the day, how many outfits he has pooped through and naps he has fought to take, he will smile at me and it makes it all worth it...

I still feel overwhelmed at times, but i know that i am doing what i know best for my child and trusting the Lord with everything else.

Motherhood really is an adventure...


Kurt and Abbey said...

You are an awesome mom, Wink!

Michelle said...

So true, all of what you wrote! Especially the part about the smile that covers ALL! Oh my! I could be up 10 times in the night and those little smiles make it all worth it. Or Cameron hugs me and says "so much!" (Meaning "I love you so much.") Just wait til your little guy can talk to you!!

It really is an honor and a blessing to be a mom! Not easy, not glamorous, but truly the best job in the world.

Jack is absolutely adorable, by the way! You're an awesome mommy!!