Friday, January 9, 2009


Jack had his first taste of real food this week! (Well, if you consider rice cereal food) He turned 6 months old on Sunday and got his first bit of rice cereal. He was pretty interested in, but he was more interested in the spoon than the actual food. The second night, liked it and seem to eat more than he spit out. The third night, didn't want it at all. He tried to get out of his bumbo backwards, as in throwing his head back and arching his back. So, we didn't force him. Last night i made it a bit thicker and he seemed to like it. I need to pick up some reading info on this solids thing though. I am feeling a bit overwhelmed with it. How much to feed him, when, what next? Any advice from moms would be great!

On a side note, looks at those teeth! Two little tiny pearls popped through in Michigan...


Karen said...

What you want to do is try tofeed him cereal once a day for starters. I always gave Justin his cereal before bed because he slept through the night better with a full belly. After a week or two on rice cereal, try Jack on a different cereal like barley. Once he's tried all the cereals, start him on a veggie baby food. i was taught to start veggies first because if you start fruit first, they usually don't want the veggies. It's very important to go a week or two between introducing new foods to make sure he has no allergies. You'll be able to determine how much to feed him and when to give him solids more frequently. Jack will eat it if he wants it. I hope this helps. let me know if youhave more questions. Karen

Natalie said...

6 months! That went by way WAY too fast!

Oh mom trust your instincts, you can do this :)