Thursday, January 29, 2009

Oh how they grow...

I am a lucky girl. I had two good girlfriends who i worked with. We would get sushi for lunch and have girl nights with pizza, ice cream and 80's movies. We would go shopping and talk endlessly about weight loss and how to do it. Than, in the summer of 2007, Jackie got pregnant. It was kind of a surprise but so wonderful. Tiffany announced that she was pregnant a few weeks later and by the end of October, i also joined the pregnancy club.

We ate non-raw sushi together, discussed cloth vrs. disposable diapers, forwarded notes, baby registries and information all day. We worked together and grew wider and wider together. People would flee the hallways when we waddled our way through. No one else wanted to "drink the water". We attended the same birthing class, though at different times and planned showers. I was so lucky not to go through all the ups and downs of pregnancy alone.

April 15th, 2008 Sophia Quincy came into the world first. Her momma was a rockstar and went 30+ hours of drug free labor to deliver her completely natural. 6 days later, Grace Brennan came into the world by induction and an epidural and gave us all a scare for a few days, but came out beautiful and healthy. July 4th 2008, Jack David joined my world via every possible type of labor THAN the c-section. We all planned the same, prepared the same and delivered completely differently. Our beautiful babies were also as different as they come.

Sophia was the smallest baby born, but quickly became the cutest chubbiest little rolly polly thing. She gets really excited and loves to explore. Jumping is one of her favorite things to do. She is off the charts tall, with a gorgeous complexion and the beginning of a baby fro. She is beautiful.

Grace has captivating blue eyes and charms everyone around her. She is happy happy happy and she talks all the time! She loves her momma and is the best eater of all the the kids. She is gorgeous.

Jack is the little man who loves his ladies. He was the biggest baby born, but the skinniest of all the kids. His mom has worked HARD to get those chubby little cheeks. He observes everything before he makes his moves. He especially likes the mommas, giving his special smiles to them. I think he is so so handsome, but i am pretty biased on that.

When we all get together, it is wonderful and relaxing. The babies can now grab and pull on each other and our stories are always changing, but oh how lucky i am to have them in my life...

Grace and Jack. Jack is around 4 weeks and Grace is around 3 months

Jack and Sophia. 7 weeks and 4 months

The babies together. Jack is around 2 months and the girls are 5 months. Poor Jack is wedged into the couch to stay up!

2 months, 5-6 months

3 months, and 6 months

6 and 9 months... So interested in the toy...

Precious babies that are getting much much to big...


SophiaQuincy said...

What a beautiful blog! It brought back great memories! God was so awesome to give us all the gift of life at the same time. It was such a blessing to be able to be apart of yours and Tiffany's pregnancies. It's crazy how fast they've grown and how different the all are! It was fun not to wedge them all in the couch for a picture but challenging to get them all to look at us and stay still for the perfect picture! Gracie and Jack will always be a special part of SQ's life. She loves them just as much as I love their moma's!

McClain's said...

Very well written! Like Jackie, it brought back so many wonderful memories. It's hard to believe how big they have grown and how fast it has gone by. I wouldn't have wanted to experience with anyone else than you two! Jack is a lucky little man! I predict he is going to be bigger than both Gracie and Sophia by his 2nd birthday!! thanks for the beautiful comments and walking everyone through our crazy pregnancy, birthing, and momma journey!

Kurt said...

"We would get sushi for lunch and have girl nights with pizza, ice cream... ....and talk endlessly about weight loss and how to do it."

is that intentional irony?

Michelle said...

Great post, I loved reading this!! I can SO relate to your labor as mine with Cameron was very was nothing I prepared for or expected. Also, Cam was such a skinny little guy for so long, I too worked SO hard to get any sort of chub on his little body!!

Thanks for sharing :)