Friday, July 22, 2011

A Day in July: One Year Later

~July 20th, 2011~

One year ago I first documented a day in my life. I had wanted to complete a full year, but life (and forgetfulness) got in the way. Things have changed quite a bit in one aspect and many things remain the same.

To view our day in July 2010, check it out here.

Notice any big differences?

The main one.

This guy. Exactly one week from his first birthday.

Saying good morning and good bye to Daddy before he leaves for work.

Jack doing his usual routine. Wakes up, watches a "show" while waking up. Today it was Fireman Sam.

After starting the coffee and making the oatmeal all while holding Colin, he was finally ready to eat. I can not put him down for at least a good ten minutes or screaming ensues. Half way through his daily banana he decided he needed to do it himself.

The boys play while I eat my daily oatmeal and have a cup of joe while checking work emails, emails, blogs and the like...

Today was a busy day actually. I go into the offices on Wednesday and today I was bringing a meal to the Daulton's. Seriously, they are amazing and you need to read about them here.

While I was prepping the food and getting ready, Colin took a short nap. After loading everything up in the car, I grab this sleeping little guy and put him in the car by 10am.

Sweet sleeping baby.

Jack is ready to go! He insist on having his sunglasses with him...cause he freaks out if the sun gets in his eyes. Freaks. Out.

After dropping off the food, I went and got my hair cut. It was LONG overdue. Too long. 6-7 months long. Yikes. I adore my stylist and she can cut long hair better than anyone I have had. I wanted to get bangs, but she talked me out of it. I have some sweeping bangs, but can come back from real bangs if I change my mind, free of charge.

After the hair cut, it was a Target diaper run and than off to work.

The new 'do. Pretty boring and basic...but oh how it lays nicely now.

The bangs. Kind of. It was hard to get a picture and I was in my work bathroom and that is just awkward...moving on.

And than I sat and my desk and worked and wrote scripts.

Picked up my handsome boys around 6pm and headed on home.

Jack has decided to not eat since turning 3. So, he made faces and snuck his trains up on the table while we ate a quick dinner of left overs.

Colin, however, is a big fan of eating. Eating and smushing it everywhere. It really is his specialty.

A quick wipe down and a snuggle with Dad before bath time.

Getting scrubbed down. Both boys refused to look at me or smile for the camera. They were not amused with this whole " Day in July" stint.

Cute little naked guy.

Bed time quickly ensued and Jack was read to and put to bed. Colin was nursed and put to bed.
And there was peace and quiet.

I painted my toes and nails after looking down at my feet in the salon chair and realizing that I needed some much needed polish changed.

Ryan worked while I painted and watch t.v. Poor guy. He works most nights after the kids are in bed after working a 12 hr day.  At least Oscar decided to keep him company.

Notice those empty frames? I have big plans for those babies. We are getting family pictures done this weekend with a killer photographer and I have high hopes. He was able to make the mayor of Portsmouth look slimmer, so I am hoping he can work some of that magic on me.

And it was off to bed around 11:30pm or so. Always much later than the original goal, but it always seems to get much later than we expected.

And that was a day in July for 2011.

I enjoyed looking back and seeing all the changes. I didn't know who Colin would be, but I was ready to meet him a year ago. Now, I could not imagine my life without my little guy. Jack still has his same morning routine, yet he has changed so much. I wonder what next year will look like?

What does your days look like?

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Andrea said...

loved seeing your day. i need to start mine back up to, i think i wanna do a video for our day in july.

ps- like the new hair. i need a hair cut too, i haven't had one since november! yikes!