Thursday, January 12, 2012

18 days

We had the privilege of spending 18 days in Michigan during the Christmas season. Both of our families within miles of each other, so it just makes sense to have a nice long vacation when we can see both families.

This year we did something different. We drove. All 16 hours of it.

It went well, considering we harnessed two small boys into seats that did not allow them to move. Ya know, safety regulations and all.
We arrived safely and promptly filled all 18 days with stuff like this...

Taking rides on Great Grandma Andrew's rolling walker.
Most played with "toy" of the trip.

It only snowed one day. ONE. But it was taken full advantage of.
Jack's request to make a "no-man" was granted. They had to use almost all of the snow, but he made a cute one. He was disappointed that we did not have coal for eyes, however.

Colin got to play in snow for the first time as well!

Soy yogurt was fed to the little man via the airplane spoon.
Colin makes airplane noises with all his spoons now.

Stripey Christmas pajamas were donned.
Complete with awesome hat.

Traditional Christmas Eve pj picture was attempted.
Sadly, this was one of the better shots.

Little train stockings were opened by sleepy-eyed babes.

We even had a super hero show up Christmas morning.

Of course, when you have one Super Hero, you need another.
We were well protected that Christmas morning.

Than your brother and your husband can dress a like. Twinsies
(It is easy to do, when you buy your husband and your sister buys your brother the exact same sweater.)
They came up with this idea on their own.

Of course, there was lots of eating, lots of shopping (yay for the Grand Rapids Anthropologie!) and lots of family. We got in some great dates. The boys got in lots of play time.

By the end though, tired boys were ready for the long drive home. Jack told me that his toys missed him and would be so happy when he came back.

We took two days for the trip home. 

Coming home was sweet, but there is always the tinge of sadness, knowing it will be summer till we see our family again.

It was a good 18 days.


Andrea said...

isn't visiting home so much fun! glad you guys had such a great trip! i can't believe you drove, that's brave. we live 24 hours away, i don't think we'd ever make the drive home. orion hates road trips. :)

modernmom said...

You found your sweater!! Isn't that the one you were searching for?

Kristina Clemens said...

How cool! My family is from Michigan too! Grand Rapids! =)
Kristina J.