Monday, January 30, 2012


Colin is 18 months now.
1 1/2 years old.
Half way to two.
Too big.

He had a growth spurt these last few months and is now in the 80th percentile for his height (up from around 45%) and moved into the 20th percentile for weight. Again, I have no idea how they judge these kids, cause my little Cols is not short on chub. His belly is pretty awesome. His thighs are still pretty awesome. Probably because he loves to eat. All day long.

Colin loves to play with his brother's Thomas the Trains. All of them, all the time. No sharing.
He plays so contently, lining them all up, than chugging them right along. Cutest.
He also loves to do everything his brother does. Everything. Regardless of any of the consequences.

He is talking so much more now. His favorite words are : momma, daddy, Ack(Jack), brother, kitty, doggie, apple juice, trains, bye-bye, teeth and most importantly...MINE.

Favorite phrases: I don't know. (all while holding his hands out and shrugging his shoulders)
Hiiiii Kiiiitttty!!!!! More apple juice, pwease. Eat, eat, EAT!

He likes to do everything by himself.
He is either super happy or super mad.
If he is not happy, you have 2.5 seconds to fix it.

He is also super loving. Loads of kisses and hugs from him.
He has his little doggie that goes to bed with him and he ALWAYS shares his bottle with doggie. Doggie gets tucked in as well.

I ADORE this kid.
He lights up my world.

Even when he is covered in soy yogurt.

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Sayaka said...

OMG Colin is so CUTE!! I love love this stage!!