Thursday, January 19, 2012

Awkward and Awesome Thursday: Welcome to 2012

It's the first Awkward and Awesome post of the new year. Thursdays are kind of a crazy day for me most of the month. We are life group leaders at our church, and we are hosting this year, so that means crazy Thursday cleanings for me. And way too much television watching for the boys. There will be no parent of the year awards coming my way on Thursdays. Hand scrubbing pale wood floors, yes. Parental awards of diligence, no.

So you can read this while I vacuum my house.


~ Opening my pots and pan drawer to find a large stuffed Tigger...staring at me.

~ Colin's need to to scream bursts of anger when something doesn't go his way. Like not getting dinner fast enough...cause it is still cooking. Or not getting a drink to him fast enough...cause I don't speak 17 month old jibber.

~ Jack using the word "Splendid" all the time. It is just so awkward to have my 3 year old tell me that he has a splendid idea. I need to remind him he is 3, not 35.

~ My husband's new books about quantum space theory...that he asked me to get him for Christmas...cause he likes to read about the projected path of a neutron when it is observed theoretically. Who did I marry?!?!

~ Colin taking to wiping his own nose...on his blanket, and his doggie, and my couch...

~ Picking up the house on Saturday and Jack asks me if life groups are coming. He thinks I only clean when people come over...even though I clean something everyday...

~ Lighting multiple candles when Hubby came home from a work event. Apparently people were smoking cigars and I could not go within 3 feet of Ryan. It was horrible. Why do people smoke that stuff?


~ Colin giving kissed with sound effects.

~ Having reservations at a fancy restaurant for Ryan's birthday next week! I am forcing him to dress up, so that I can dress up in some new fancy clothes.

~ Jack telling me that he loves me randomly through out the day.

~ Jack attempting to sing every word of any song...even if he has never heard it before. He may be a few beats behind at all times, but he get an A for effort.

~ Brothers giving each other hugs WITHOUT being told to!

~ Baby boys that line up every single train and animal in the house to watch a "show" with them. Cute.

They have the ability to be both awkward AND awesome at the same time.
It's a gift.
A gift that came from their dad. ;)

The  boys just dumped out an entire basket of little mismatched toys and started throwing them at each other.
Not awesome.

Does anyone else feel the need to have an immaculate house when people come over? Is immaculate even possible with two little boys?!


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Lol, quantum space theory huh? I'll have to bug him about that one, lol.

Sayaka said...

Love your first A&A post for 2012!! I so agree that little ones can be awkward and awesome all at once!!