Thursday, January 5, 2012

Great Expectations

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2012 is here. 

I have been waiting.

While laying on my parent's couch, willing myself to stay awake to see the ball drop, I contemplated what I wanted 2012 to be. I did not have any great revelations. No light shown from heaven and no audible voice was heard. No deep meaning taken out of a single word. No light bulb moment. Nothing.

I sent out a simple "Happy New Years" tweet and as I typed it out, it came to me.


I have great expectations for this year. I want to see things happen!
I feel like my family has been in limbo for awhile. My parents, my sister and brother in law. My husband. All of us have been in some sort of limbo. A waiting game, if you will.

There are things that need to take place. There are changes that need to come. Good things. Good changes. Needed changes.

And I am ready for those changes. I am anticipating them.

No more idly sitting by.
Active expectation.

I have expectations and I know that God is going to do GREAT things this year.

It is time.


Great expectations.

Bring it on.

~ What are YOU expecting for this new year?~

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