Friday, May 25, 2012

Friday Favorites: Colin and his nose

Oh, Colin.

I could just eat you up.

I love your little baby belly, thrust forward at all times. You stomp around the house like a herd of elephants, walking with such purpose and noise.

You like to make people laugh, especially your brother. Usually that means saying naughty words that you know you are not suppose to say. It is a toss up of "poopy butt, pee pee and shut up". You do not understand the context of "shut up!", but you know you are not suppose to say you do. It sounds like a little valley girl with attitude when you say it though. More like "Shuuu UHhhh" than the distinct "Shut Up".

Your nose has been running  a lot lately. Probably some allergy going on outside. With that little nose just a runnin', it become the battle a speed. Who can reach it first. Mom, with her clean, white, soft kleenex or you, with the entire inside of your palm.

You usually win. It  usually goes something like this: Nose starts to run. One sniffle. Mom jumps up to get the kleenex and yells, " Colin. Let Mommy wipe it!" You immediately take the inside of your palm, and rub your nose and entire face as fast and as hard as your can. It effectively spreads the snot all over your entire face in a thin layer. Problem solved. No more runny nose.

Than, if Mom doesn't catch it, it dries. In a nice, scale-like pattern all over your face.

It is quite disgusting actually.

But I can't help but love that kid for it.

It is just so unashamedly, unabashedly BOY. ALL BOY.

Why stop playing to wipe your nose with a kleenex when you have a perfectly useful palm?

So, Colin and his cute, although somewhat runny, nose is my favorite.

I hope you have a spectacular LONG weekend. I am just happy to have Ryan for an extra day!
Happy Memorial Day Weekend!


Sayaka said...

Happy Memorial Day Weekend Alicia!! Colin is so cute!! And yes, wiping a runny nose can be pretty tricky :) Hopefully his allergies will be better during the summer!

Kristina Clemens said...

It's so true! The all-boy thing. But you gotta love them...they're just so adorable!=)
Kristina J.

Lisa - respect the shoes said...

This reminds me of my nephew. When he was younger, he used to drool a bit because he was teething. Most times he couldn't be bothered to even wipe his drool because he was so "busy" playing with his toys - but then he got into smearing it on the collar of his shirt or over the seat cushion or on the bedspread ...