Tuesday, May 22, 2012


We are still engaging in the battle of post-op recovery over here, but there are some small victories that have been made. 

So, instead of concentrating on the 5+ weeks to go, let's celebrate some small but gaining victories!

~ Successfully putting on mascara and lipstick...in the same day.

~ Mastering the diaper change on the ottoman. High enough that I do not have to bend over (which is hard and painful), low enough that Colin can climb up on his own. Win. (I promise I will disinfect it before anyone comes over to my house!)

~ Colin can now climb OUT of his crib. He has done it twice now. First nap, than in the morning. He is SUPER proud of himself. The real test will come during this next nap time. He MUST nap.

~ I cooked dinner. Everyone was happy about that.

~ I went most of the day with out Norcco (a Vicodin-like pain reliever). The jury is still out if that is a win or a set back. Not feeling drowsy and slightly nauseous is a win, end of the day pain is a set back.

~ Since being confined to my room/bed, I have had LOTS of Internet browsing time. Jack's birthday party is planned and mostly bought...as well as a few super coupon/free shipping items for mom. ;)

~ Superman Jack defeated Bad Guy Colin. No tears were shed in the process. Both parties remained friends.

So, we will continue to plod through this battle, gaining victories as they come, as well as a few set backs here and there.

We will overcome!

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Lisa - respect the shoes said...

Glad you're recovering well, but please remember to take it easy!