Thursday, May 3, 2012

Awkward and Awesome Thursday: Mostly Awkward


So... I have spent the last two Wednesdays at the doctors.

Awkward, I know.

Does anyone else get really nervous about going to the doctor, like you are in trouble, even though you are a healthy human being who did nothing to be in trouble about? I do. It's weird.

So, yeah.

In two weeks I get to go back to the doctors. To have surgery.

Open Ventral Hernia Repair surgery to be exact.


Since I grow to the size of a bus while pregnant. ( I am not over-exaggerating), my stomach muscles have been pulled to smithereens from both pregnancies. After I had Colin I was not allowed to do more than walking for exercise for the first 6 months.  Any stretching, pulling or movement could easily tear at my stomach and cause hernias. Let me tell ya, that is not what a get- this-flabby-baby-weight-off me woman wants to hear. But I obeyed and waited a good 9 months before I did anything too dramatic. I started really super slow  postpartum videos slow. I was trying to prevent any type of surgery/hernia. So I sucked it up and slowly plodded my way along the road to exercise.

Well, a few months or so ago, I was pilating and yogaing my way right along and noticed that my stomach was swelling up, not slimming down. Awesome.

Than it started to hurt beyond sore muscles hurt.

And I was stretching backwards and happen to look down at my stomach...there was a nice little mound just sticking right out. Wonderful.

I know. This is super awkward and no one will read any farther. That is fine. I find it awkward, as well.

Here's the kicker. We want to have another little one. And I don't want two bulges on my stomach. It has to be repaired regardless.

And now I get to do outpatient surgery. It is really not a super huge deal.  There are only two main issues. The first and most dramatic. I can't pick up or carry Colin for 6 weeks. This is going to be tough. I will probably have to splint my stomach with a special binder to get him out of his crib...but pray it goes well. He loves his momma and will NOT be happy that I can just pick him up at whim.

The second one is not so bad. I can't exercise for 6 weeks beyond moderate walking. I may be able to get on an elliptical towards the last few weeks, but I will have to start slowly. So much for summer clothes season :/.

Not awkward enough for you?

Than here are a few more:

~ Wearing my broken sunglasses through the bank drive-through. The stem snapped off the left side but I can still balance them on my nose. Obviously
 my stem-less, crooked sunglasses side faced the male teller.

~ Being stuck in a small, confined waiting room with an older gentleman who wore so much cologne I had to hold my breathe. It gave me that instant walked-into-yankee-candle-smell-overload headache.

~ Colin has broken into our garage and sprayed himself in the face with my Oxy stain remover...twice.

~ Blue paper robes.

~  Ryan has laryngitis. It's like I am single parenting.

~ Morning coffee

~Reading books on my phone, especially when waiting hours in waiting rooms...

~ Strawberry picking plans

~ Sticky kisses and hugs

~ "You're the best mom ever, Mom."

And two little boys running down hallways, decked in masked and capes. They are my favorite awesome. Ever.

A and A is an original feature from The Daybook.


Carol said...

Aw, Alicia, I'm so sorry to hear about the surgery and other "awkwards." I hope everything goes well and that your recovery is swift and smooth. And that your little guy is able to be amazing and understanding about his mama not being able to lift him for a while.

You forgot to add your own awesome self to your list. :)

Sayaka said...

Oh no Alicia!! I'm sorry to hear about the surgery....I hope it's quick painless and that recovery is just as quick. I'll be thinking of you!!