Monday, May 14, 2012

I Do It!

Colin's vocabulary has been taking off lately.

It seems like every day he is saying new words, putting new sentences together.

It is such a fun stage.

He knows most of the superheros. He can sing parts of the 1967 Spider-man theme song and he has been in time out for potty talk already. (All of this is blamed highly on his older brother)

But his favorite line right now is " I do it!" 

Time to get into his high chair?  " I do it!"

Opening doors, putting on shoes and socks, wiping his face, buckling him into his car seat? " I do it! I do it! I do it!"

My personal favorite? When it is time to change his diaper. "I do it! I do it!"

Obviously, he can not change himself. So the next best bet to get out of that horrendous diaper change is call for the other parent. Ryan has been at work for hours, Colin yells " Daddy do it! Daddy do it!" It is the weekend and Ryan is changing him, he starts yelling, "Mommy do it! Mommy do it!" Tricky, that little one.

So while life is a ever moving roller-coaster with that little man, I would not change it for a minute.

No matter how many times I hear " I DO IT!"

And that is a lot.

* I did want to thank Andrea over at the Worley House for giving me the Liebster award. She was gracious enough to give it to me a week or so ago, but life and prepping for surgery and the after effects left me quiet busy. SO. Thanks, Andrea. Since I am so behind, I am just going to tag all those who blog and are under 200 follower. Consider yourself Liebster-ized!*


Sayaka said...

I hope your surgery went well and your feeling better Alicia!! Your little Colin is so cute. Your post made me smile :)

Carol said...

Hope you're recovering quickly, Alicia. :) Colin is such an adorable little bug (and I mean that in the best way)! Earlier this evening, Kate wanted to cuddle and curled i[ in my lap like she was a baby - and that feeling of happy-sadness washed over me - you know the one. The one where you look at your baby and realize that s/he just isn't a baby anymore...they grow up so fast. It's amazing and fantastic and it kills me (a little).