Monday, March 14, 2011


7 months. Colin turned 7 months old a bit ago.
So big.
Too big.
It seems to go that much faster the second time around.


He is cute. The cutest.
He can clap.
And crawl.
And laugh and laugh.
He is working on tooth 5 & 6.

Naps are still a battle.
He usually wins, but Mom is making a strong comeback.
He is loving solids and put on a pound and 6 oz in 25 days.
I am pretty sure the weight went straight to his rolly little thighs.
Just like his Momma.


He is my funny, busy, crazy little man.
He keeps me on my toes.
He keeps us laughing.
We just love him.


laura said...

Those are outstanding photos. I love the outfit, and he is SO CUTE!! I want to kiss his face off!

Jamie Willow said...

he is SO cute...and that outfit is adorable. what a little love!