Friday, March 18, 2011

Big fishies and little fishies and TURTLES!

We ventured out to the Virginia Aquarium with some friends this week.
It was the first time Jack and Colin had been to an aquarium and both seemed to really love it.

 Jack was excited to see the turtles. Big ones, little ones, giant sized turtles.
These little guys are fresh water turtles.

Colin was obviously super excited.

Jack decided he was going to be funny and squint for every single picture. He thinks he is hilarious. I was not as impressed.

 This little guy was part of the warm water life that lived in the the underwater tunnel that you could walk through. Colin liked the fish and sting rays that would swim over him.

Sea turtle. They are so huge and graceful. Jack loved to just stand there and watch them.

I like jelly fish that are little and fluorescent. I do not like jelly fish that are the size of frisbees and that will sting you as you swim in the ocean come August.

Jack was able to get a close up view of sting rays and even tried to touch one. Our good friend Roza was very patient with him.

All in all it was a good trip and we are looking forward to going back in the near future. It was the first outing that I did with both boys alone. (By alone, I mean without Ryan) Thankfully, Roza was able to help with Jack while I nursed Colin...and there may have been a bribe of a sucker involved... but we made it! I can go out in the middle of the week with both boys and not lose a child, or have a major meltdown or pull any hair out.
That, my friends, is a success.


Crystal Leigh said...

oooooh. remember our date to the Aquarium. so fun. 3d glasses and icees and all that jazz. your boys are so dang cute. they are like mini ryans with a bit of alicia in them. love it. good job super mama!!

Kristina said...

Doncha just love introducing your little guys to new worlds? It's so fun takin the kiddos new places and letting them discover! =)

Kristina J.