Thursday, March 3, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday: The sick edition

I have sick boys here. I have a really sick two year old. It is sad. We have been holed up in the house for the last 4 days. It is not pretty.

Either are most of these awkwards...

~Seeing your pediatrican twice in the same week...each time with a different child.
~logging inappropriate amount of hours in the same pair of sweatpants.
~ Sleeping on 6 inches of your queen size bed because a sick, fevered two year old is pressed against your body.
~ Watching Toy Story 3 and Thomas the Train more times than you care to remember.
~ ALWAYS seeming to sit down with one of the sick kiddies and catching the last part of Toy Story 3. And crying every time.
~ Stuff that is green that should not be green.
~ That the tempatures this week have been: 72, 46,63,42... this is why my kids are sick, people
~ Being so exhausted that I fell asleep before taking my shower last night. I have yet to get into the shower today and have been to the doctor and to Target. Thank God for dry shampoo.

~ Colin's lungs and ears are it is just a cold, probably from insane weather drops...
~McDonald's Shamrock shake has FINALLY arrived her in Hampton Roads. I have been missing them for the last 4 years here. Welcome to Virginia, my long lost friend.
~ Finally getting to drink in the nectar of the gods, aka, a shamrock shake.
~Umm...weekend is almost here and that means I have an extra man to help sub into this sickness ring we are running here.

That is all.

Praying that next week we have lots more awesomes and a no more sickness.


Kelly Ruth said...

Shamrock shakes! This is a good thing. Feel better, Fedells! The wife & I will in D.C. tomorrow. Hope it's in the 70s rather than the 40s!

Kelly Ruth said...

Oops, signed in with my wife's... Andrew