Monday, March 28, 2011

Battle zone

Every day I go to battle.

My opponent is a worthy adversary.

Weighing in around 16 lbs, he is a force to be reckoned with.

He has tears, screaming and sheer will in his corner.

I have my own iron will, a crib and a monitor that can be turned down with lights flashing in my corner.

He can pull himself up to standing now. And will do it in an instant, in the crib. If he is awake in his crib, he is standing. It does not matter what time, day or night. He is standing.

He screams. I lay him back down. Repeat.

The ultimate goal?

Sleep. Naps. Anything.

We started this battle around 5 months. He tricked me into believing that he was a good napper. I was thoroughly convinced.  He was go down for a nap awake, didn't matter. He was happy in his crib and would go to sleep on his own.

Than he figured out how to move. His freedom. His independence. Sleep is not a concern when there are objects to touch, wood to chew on, brother's toys to steal.  A crib is now his prison, stopping him from exploring.

Now, it is a battle.

It takes 20-45 minutes of scream, crying, soothing, belly rubbing before a nap will take place.

Every day.

That is just the morning nap.

We won't even get into the afternoon nap.

My opponent is strong. He is willful. He determined.

I am stronger.  My will is stronger. My perseverance my waiver, but it will not fail.

This boy WILL get on a nap schedule.

I may have lost a few battles, but I will win this war.

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Lisa - respect the shoes said...

I am bowing to you young mothers. I can't make it with a sick dog at night - I couldn't imagine a baby!