Saturday, April 2, 2011

A Day in March

It was the beginning of March when I realized that I had missed February. Oops. My goal was to do a whole consecutive year and than publish it in a photobook of sorts.

Since not much has changed from February to March, let's just pretend this is a day for both month, alright?

March 29th, 2011

My day started out around 8:30. Ryan got a cereal bar for Jack before he left for work, so this was what I saw when I came into the living room. Lovely bed head and all.

Even more exciting was seeing this when I walked past the bathroom. Jack had taken off his night time diaper, moved his stool, put his little seat on and used the bathroom all by himself. He is finally getting this whole potty training thing. Maybe.

After I had some breakfast and made some coffee, my littlest man decided to rise around 9:45am. The sweet boy doesn't go to bed till well after he sleeps in quite late.

Mid-morning playtime. It is always messy. Jack will load up our ottoman with his toys, put them in baskets, buckets or whatever he can and than take them out...all over the house. He will do this for a good solid hour.

This little man will army crawl all over the place, preferably to find some type of paper to eat. He will find something to chew on that is paper-based no matter how well you think you combed the area over. Really, it is his gift. To seek and destroy.

Once Colin has been up for almost a couple of hours, the battle begins. We do the whole cry, soothe, cry, soothe sleep. This picture was taken at the first cry stage. The second is much more dramatic and I didn't take a picture because I can usually get him to sleep and wasn't going to risk making it worse by photographing his tantrum. And he napped. And it was glorious.

While he napped, and all through out the entire day, I worked. This was a typical scene throughout my whole day. Work email and phone with work email. I had a shoot the following day and was finalizing a script and it's changes all day long. Most days are not that busy with work. Today, it was. My phone was with me at all times.

Lunch was had by Jack and myself and than it was time to get ready for a nap. Just as Jack was ready to sleep, Colin was waking up. They are cute together. ( Jack is not a fan of pants these days)

Big brother goes down for a nap and little brother gets some lunch.

Nap time is also not so fun with Jack. He actually falls asleep maybe 4 out of 7 naps. He will just play quietly for the most part. Apparently he was not sleepy. And he changed his clothes again.

After naps, or the lack thereof, it was time to make some baby food for Colin. Jack and Colin were also "cooking" with me.

Organic green beans, anyone? Can I just say how easy it is to make organic baby food when you use Trader Joe's fresh frozen organic veggies? It is a cinch.

Ryan worked late and did not get home till 7ish, so we went outside for a bit while we waited for him to come home. The weather was a bit cool for recovering from a cold Colin, so Jack played and we watched from the doorway.

Ryan came home, we ate dinner and than it was bath time. We decided to throw both boys in together for the first time. They both were pretty pumped. We put Colin in the bumbo to keep him from crawling all over the place.

After baths it was time to put Jack to bed and wait for crazy to go to bed.

Before bedtime, Colin had to stand for awhile, and try to cruise, and than stand some more. It is his favorite. That and hiding toys under the couch and than pulling them out.

Once we got Colin down for the night, I worked some more and got ready to leave by 8:45am the next day.
I believe that after I showered, pumped and got into bed it was around 1:45am.

I may sleep in till 8:30am, but I am up past midnight every night.

One day I will get on a normal schedule.

One day.

And that is what a very typical day looks like at my house.

What do your days look like?

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