Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Family Fun Time

My parents and sister came to town for a bit.

It was an occasion to dress up for.

We went to the VA zoo and explored the new Asia Trail of the Tiger.

This guy came over to say hello.
He was HUGE. Kinda scarily huge.

Colin took full advantage of the sunshine and ate some leaves.

Grandpa gave a closer view of the black bears.

Grandma freed a baby from his stroller at the outerbanks.

Daddy carried boys when the wind threatened to blow them over at the Wrights Bros. Memorial.

Spent a little time down by the water.

Watched little boys run out all their energies on the boardwalk.

We also did LOADS of shopping. Loads. We hung out. We ate lots of food, namely some killer Carolina BBQ. (Pretty much the only reason why I wanted to head down to the OBX) It was good. It was really good to have family in town. It does make us wish that they did not live 17 hours away.

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