Monday, April 18, 2011


A week shy of his 9th month, I figured I should post his 8th month photos.
Better late than never, right?
My little man is busy as ever.
He straight up crawls now and the boy knows how to hustle.
It is hilarious.
He can climb stairs now and can destroy any type of paper or wood in 5 seconds flat.
My little beaver. He it making full use of his 6 + teeth. Full use.

Best milestone of the month?
Baby said his first word.
And that word was... MOMMA!
That's right, I am chalking this one up as a win for all the mommas out there who toiled over their babies day and night and the first word out of their mouth...dadda.
Not this time. This time is was "momma" and it was glorious!

I love you my little crazy boy.
You keep me on my toes but I would not trade a single second of it!

1 comment:

Mrs. B. said...

He is so so so cute in his jammies. :)
So many teeth! (Britt only has two still!)