Monday, April 4, 2011

Spring dreaming...

 I have wanted to redo our master bathroom since we moved in.

I have wanted to redo most of the entire house since we have moved in, so this is no surprise.

The master bath is small, but holds a full shower. It has a nice new vanity and looks like it is painted a chocolate brown. From a distance, it looks fine.

It is not. It is not fine at all. It is the worse color of brown known to mankind. A dear friend said it was the color of meconium. Yep. Yellow and green undertones in a chocolate brown do not make a nice color. Ever.

My strong desire to paint the bathroom increased dramatically when I saw this.

I got it for 75% off.

It is being shipped to me now.

I have a soft buttery pale yellow paint color picked out for my walls.


I just need to lock myself away with a paint brush and start to transform my bathroom.

Anyone want to watch two sweet, but rambunctious boys while I paint?


Andrea said...

Love that shower curtain! I've been seeing knocks offs of it and people who've recreated it all over blog land!

You must take pics to show us your transformation!

Mrs. B. said...

Meconium! Haha! Dying over that description. Change it, pronto. ;)
I love love love that shower curtain. So perfect. Post pics when the bathroom is finished!

modernmom said...

Awesome score!! Can't wait to see the final results. When my boys were little, I spent a lot of late nights doing projects while they were sleeping.