Thursday, March 24, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday!

It's that time again. Time to publicize the awkwardness that is my life. I was going to do it last week, but than I realized that it was Friday. So, it didn't happen. High five for being on top of it this week.


1. Most of my clothes have some form of baby food/spit-up/toddler food on them. It just appears. Even my clean clothes seem to have it spring forth from some unknown spot.
2. Carrying around a potty seat in a plastic bag, since your toddler is deathly scared of "falling in" and won't go without it. SO, you carry it to your friend's house like it is no big deal. How is that for a haute couture accessory for spring?
3. Aerotek Sales Conference. It is taking Hubby away this weekend. Remember that one episode of the Office where Dwight spoke at a sales conference and there was a lot of flashing lights and loud music and screaming? Yeah. That is an Aerotek Sales Conference.
4. Having a guy come into your office to ask you a question and than start rummaging around. Opening boxes, looking at hard drives, asking where the power cords are. You are sitting there the WHOLE time. He is a managing producer, so you can't really kick him out. So you watch him just look around, for no apparent reason. You ask your boss about it later and it appears to be an odd habit of his. A rummaging through boxes and tapes of other people's shows habit. Who does that?


1. Winning a $50 gift card to Anthropologie on a blog contest! Random generator finally was on my side! Photo used for submission can be found here.
2. I started Weight Watchers and I lost a couple pounds last week.
3. My parents are coming to visit in a few weeks. I am excited to have them here and to get out and do some fun things with the boys.
4. Flowering trees in bloom. Spring is, by far, the best season in VA. Most of the trees here will bloom and it is beautiful. It is not too hot yet and you can walk around and enjoy the flowering buds everywhere.
5. Jack going up to his baby brother, hugging him and giving him a gentle kiss and than tells us that he loves Colin. It sounded more like, " I wuv Cawin", but that just makes it cuter.

The most awkward video. Ever. Ryan will watch it and laugh and laugh. I can barely stand to watch it. It is just SOOOO awkward.

And one more awesome little thing. Jack just asked if I would be his friend. Cutest. Hopefully he will remember that he wants to be my friend when he is 16.


Anonymous said...

Hahahaha!! What does this mean?! Yes, incredibly awkward, but hilarious too!

Andrea said...

First of all that picture is one of my faves, it's no wonder you WON! It's such an awesome pic.

Second, yeah for WW! I did that early last year and lost some weight, been thinking about starting again to loose these last few baby weight lbs, considering how my child is 1 now! i need to get rid of it. :)

and lastly, that video!! there are no words...I have to show it to Orion! thanks for sharing....

Jamie Willow said...

the potty chair thing...I fear that is in my near

great photo! what are you gonna buy?! I love that store...