Thursday, May 19, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday: A Compilation

I have not done a Awkward or Awesome post in a while. Life has gotten a bit strange and exciting lately. There have been some high highs and some very low lows. Things that go beyond awkward and awesome. Things that need to be labeled more like Supernatural and Heart-Wrenching... but that is a bit too much to discuss on this blog today. So, instead, I am going to share some awesome and awkward happenings that have taken place in the past few weeks.


~ Getting my child from nursery and nearing gagging from the STRONG old-lady cheap perfume that was drenching him. I literally coughed while I nursed him. It was horrific. We had to change his clothes and wash his hair to get the smell out. It was like he rolled in cheap, nasty perfume...but he didn't. He was just held.

~ Adolescent Canadian geese. Really. They are so ugly. When they are babies, they are cute and fluffy. When they are adults, they are gorgeous. Teenage Canadian geese? Super ugly and awkward looking. Half feathers, have fluff, grey coloring, huge size. Awkward.

 ( These are more tween. I can't find a true ugly teenage goose)

~ The amount of Canadian Geese and their poop that we have around here. Ridiculous.

~ Answering my husband with a Wonder Pets phrase. And he understands it.

~ Jack opening the bathroom door so that he can laugh when Colin splashes around in the toilet.

~ Rushing into Jack's room at 3am because he his crying and sobbing and standing in the middle of his room. I calm him, carry him to our bed and try to soothe what I think must have been a nightmare. It wasn't. He lost hold of his Wonder Pets in his sleep and could not find them.

 ~ Awesome~

~ Nap time.

~ Going on a super mini beach vacation with friends this weekend. So so Excited.

~ Attempting to make these. This could be either really awesome or really awkward, as I am making them for a group of people...without a trial run first.

~ Husband making coffee in the mornings, so when I roll out of bed with the babes, I have a fresh pot ready to go.

~ Jack telling me that he loved me.  All on his own, out of the blue.

~ Having a loving Husband, who follows the Lord's leading and turns my life into an adventure.

 I like him.

Have you had any awesome of awkward moments? Do share.

As always, brought to you by The Daybook. She is expecting her first little one! Yay!

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Mrs. B. said...

You know how I love A&A Thursdays. :)But I must say you've got me VERY very curious about your supernatural happenings...hmmm...