Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Hunt

I love a good deal. I love the hunt that goes into getting that good deal. It makes the victory just that much sweeter.

I rarely buy items full priced. Rarely.  Normally, it is on sale. Hopefully, it's a super sale. That's my favorite.

I tend to stalk items that really want. You win some and you lose some this way. But most of the time, it is a win.

Before I had babies, I did practically all my shopping in store.  After babies, I do a lot of it online now.

I am in NO WAY an expert. I am not crazy and hoard coupons. I just like a good deal.

So, here are a few tips and sites that have helped me a ton! And helped me save a ton, as well.

~In-Store Shopping~

~Always work your way from the back to the front. Most sale items are in the back racks. Browse those babies and grab those deals.

~ Buy your trends at cheapy stores like Forever21. Buy your classic that will last you years at higher retailers and they will last.

~ Hit the outlets, but don't lose your head. I am lucky to live 45 minutes from a killer outlet mall, and when we go, I have gotten outstanding deals. I buy 80% of my boys their clothes from the outlets of Hanna Andersson, Gymboree, Carter's, Children Place, Osh Kosh, babyGap and so forth. I have gotten clothes for less than a dollar brand new. BUT, just because it is an outlet doesn't mean it is a great deal. The last time I went I passed on 40% off t-shirts at Carter's, even though I was looking for shirts for Jack. $6 is an o.k deal, but not great. I ended up getting some cute ones for $1.97 from the J.Crew outlet.  I find that I can get much better brands that last better for my boys at cheaper prices when I hit the outlets.

~ Don't forget Target's sale section. I am no Peggy at Target sales, but I have gotten some super sales for the whole family in the clearance rack. Ryan loves his $3 t-shirts that he nabbed.

~ Take the time to scour T.J Maxx, Marshall's and Ross. Lots of little treasures there.

~For Online Shopping~

~ ALWAYS search for a coupon code. Do it. Always. I like There is usually some sort of discount somewhere. I have found multiple discounts doing this.

~ ALWAYS use Ebates is a search engine that pays you when you go through them. It is super simple. You have your account. You search for a store, say Target. You click their link, it takes you to You buy $50 worth of items, than ebates pays you back 6% of your purchase. You get paid to shop. I have been doing this only a short while and I have made over $25. I have gotten one check in the mail already. I love getting paid to shop!

Use this link and get some great incentives for starting up!


Andrea said...

I love this post! Yay for saving!! I hadn't heard of Ebates before, I'll have to check it out. :) is the same kinda deal as

I'm a crazy coupon clipper though too.

Mrs. B. said...

We share our affinity for Anthro. What are the blogs you follow? :)

shelia said...

thanks for the ebates tip! wow. can't wait to try it out.